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Word of the week: Resistance

Tracking the language that’s used at any one period of time is an excellent way of understanding the mind-set of that time. This is one of the reasons that the ‘Word of the Year’ tradition has become so popular – it offers a succinct way of reflecting back on the defining trends and concerns of […]

Storytelling in politics and news reporting [video]

As the Trump chronicles and the Brexit saga both stumble inexorably on, how does news reporting shape events into stories? And is there a relationship between the use of narrative as reporting technique and the ‘fake news’ phenomenon? As part of a series of interviews I did for our new module on Language Studies, here […]

Sentimental education, or The serious study of swearing [video]

We made a film about swearing. About cursing, profanity and obscene language. About why we do it and what it can tell us about the culture in which we live. It was made in collaboration with the creatively vulgar people at Tilt, the charmingly foul-mouthed Adam Woollard and Theo Marlow, and expletive-filled insight from Emma Byrne, Jean-Marc […]