Philip Seargeant is a writer, researcher & educational filmmaker specialising in the study of language & communication. His current work focuses on the relationships between language, politics & social media, while earlier work looked at the emergence and status of English as a global language. 

His latest book, to be published by Bloomsbury in June 2020, is the The Art of Political Storytelling. This examines the way that stories shape our political lives – and how politicians exploit the power of narrative to engage and persuade the electorate.

He has written and produced several educational films, including the award-winning History of English in Ten Minutes.

He is currently Senior Lecturer of Applied Linguistics at the Open University, and is co-director and a founding member of the Post-Stories Collective.

He writes frequently for publications around the world, with bylines including The Huffington Post, The New European and Prospect; and also appears regularly as an expert commentator on national and international media.  

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