Emoji Studies

Below are a few resources for anyone teaching or research emoji.

  • First up, a short animation about the history and usage of emoji, narrated by Lauren Laverne.

  • I’ve also recently written the following book on the topic, which covers the history, culture and politics of emoji, as well as how they work as a form of digital communication.

  • I also wrote this free, short online course, A brief history of communication: hieroglyphics to emojis, which looks at the history of writing and the key role it plays in human communication. It explains how, while today it may be difficult to think of language as existing without writing, in the long history of humankind’s ability to use language it is only relatively recently that writing emerged. The course also looks as the vital relationship between technology and writing, and how the development of new technologies alter the way we communicate.

  • And finally, here’s a link to a list of academic literature on emoji.